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Forklift Certification Process

Forklift operation involves carrying heavy loads in industries, warehouses, construction sites, and storage facilities by use of trucks individual fork truck certify. To operate a forklift, you are required to be certified. The forklift certification process includes 

Step by Step Forklift Certification Process 

To get the certification you can either choose to attend classes personally or do it online. Since there are different types of trucks to operate you have to choose the type you prefer after which the training begins. 


Most training is done in schools especially vocational colleges which are approved by OSHA to give the training.  You enroll for the training by registering. 


During classes, you are taught how to operate a forklift, inspection,  maintenance and repair, OSHA rules, and how to drive safely. During the classes, the trainer may decide to take you through the training by use of videos, giving written work, and use of lecture method. 


After completing the classwork an exam is given to evaluate whether you should be certified. To be able to continue with the training you are required to score 75% and above. 


After doing the exams and attaining the required score you are taken through practical work. A trainer will demonstrate practically how to use the forklift in loading loads, lifting, and navigation. After the demonstration, you are allowed to do it yourself. You are then graded depending on your skills and efficiency. 


After satisfactory passing both theory and practical tests, you are then certified. You are issued with a forklift license showing your details. After certification, you can now secure yourself a job, or if already working you can seek a promotion. 

Benefits of forklift certification  

You are to run the forklift machines properly. 

Helps You with the knowledge and skills to enable you in the inspection of the machines, and maintenance and repair. This makes the machine last for a long time. 

You can operate the forklift properly hence able to prevent accidents during work that is injuries or overturning forklift. 

You can use the license to secure a job or earn a promotion if already employed. 

You get to know the safety OSHA rules. 

It allows you to learn how to operate different types of forklifts. 

In conclusion, the forklift certification process is charged depending on the training you choose that is either online or in person. The training does not take a long time. It is a matter of days or weeks depending on whether you already have training or not. Getting a forklift certification equips you with everything you need to know about forklifts. Start your training today and secure yourself a job. The certification may last 3 years after which your employer may recommend you to remain certified.