The Author

Brian Trent is a writer of many interests and parts, with his very first story published when he was just fifteen. He has since become a respected socio-political essayist, a poet, playwright, journalist, and historical novelist.

In 2004 alone, Trent had major essays published in three consecutive issues of The Humanist magazine, the prestigious national forum. His article “The Future of Immortality” appeared as the cover story for the May/June issue. An exploration into ongoing longevity research, his study examined the philosophical and social consequences of a future where aging has become optional. The article has been a centerpiece for online debate ever since.

This was followed by “A Greatness Reborn,” a comparison of the Great Library of ancient Alexandria with its modern-day reincarnation (Egypt’s Bibliotheca Alexandrina unveiled in 2001.) In the subsequent issue, Trent tackled technology’s impact on human freedom; “Technology and Tomorrow: A Challenge to Liberty” traversed the gauntlet of spyware, surveillance cameras, and the potential for government abuse of cherished liberties in a historical framework that praised the United States’ Constitution. This essay was selected as part of the National Debate Topic 2005-06 by H.W. Wilson.

That same year saw the theatrical production of his play “But if I Had to Perish Twice” at Sarah Lawrence College in New York. His novel Remembering Hypatia was published in February of 2005 and received the publisher’s Editor’s Choice Award. It went on to be featured in Amazon’s Early Adopter in Books Top 50.

In June, 2005, Remembering Hypatia was honored with the Reader’s Choice Award. His essays are currently featured on,,, and

Ever enthralled by the ancient world, Trent’s research has taken him from Central America to Western Europe and the Far East. He is the author of eight novels, with his newest (unpublished) one coming on the heels of a research jaunt throughout Japan. Trent received his B.A. in English Literature and minored in Philosophy and World Mythologies – subjects he continues to study with great fervor beyond the halls of academia. He is an active enthusiast of travel, languages, and literature. Trent currently resides in New England.